Sami mythology comes to life

The age-old Sami mythology was almost completely forgotten a few centuries ago. The ancient religion, beliefs and stories featured several Sami characters, who appeared in numerous narratives right across the Sami area. These characters have now been brought back to life.

The Sami body of folk tales is rich, full of legends and beliefs that are very important in understanding man’s communion with nature, both centuries ago and today.

Together with illustrators, the Sami writer Ante Aikio has created imagery representations for the characters who appear in his forthcoming books. Most of them are now given a face and habitus for the first time – after the stories have lived for centuries.


Spectacular opening of a Sami saga

Aigi's journey into the mythical world of the Sami people starts with a race for the first ray of sunlight of the New Year, and continues with a plunge into the wondrous Saivo realm to search for a childhood friend. On the journey the knowledge of beings such as the gobmi, skammaidas and other fantastic creatures will surely be needed.

Fathoms of the Fenlake is a groundbreaking fantasy story. A solid nature connection, ingenuity and courage along with mystical powers have always been present in the Sami culture. The colorful pantheon has survived the attempts to abolish it, and the Aigi-saga draws from that legendary folklore. The bewitching novel will charm its readers.

Ante Aikio is a reindeer herder and modern entrepreneur living between two worlds himself, splitting his time between his company and his reindeer herd. Both are far beyond the polar circle - in the land of Sami mythology and tales. This is the one from the fathoms of ancient lakes...


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