Goranus Oy

Goranus Oy is a company established in 2013 and based on a deep respect and pride of ancient Sami beliefs. The mission of the company is to increase all people’s awareness of Sami mythology. Today this is possible, but this has not always been the case. Some centuries ago, we would probably have been persecuted for sorcery.

The company wants to carry on business in an authentic Sami spirit, which is why the basis of the company and creation of its story have been entrusted to Sami people. We are a Sami company at heart and in spirit, and this spirit we feel to include a strong respect for nature and awareness of the wisdoms passed down to us from our ancestors. Our innovations spring from the fells and mountains of Samiland and its virginal nature – now and always!


Goranus Oy
Company Reg.No.: 2519861-5

Managing Director Ante Aikio
Tel. +358 (0)40 5457832